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Harmony Is...

Doru and Rodica Racovicean,
the founders of Harmony

Harmony is an MLI ministry that reaches at-risk children from government institutions, juvenile prisons, and remote villages to bring Harmony into their lives.

The founders of Harmony, Doru and Rodica Racovicean, emerged from the long nightmare of communism to bring the Gospel through music and Bible stories not only to government ophanages, but also to a school for special needs children, and a juvenile prison.

Harmony in the Orphanages...

Harmony brings the joy of music to children
in public and private orphanages

The institution is the only home that many of these children ever know. Harmony brings the joy of music to these children in public and private orphanages where a music program is not provided due to lack of resources. Harmony establishes and trains choirs in these orphanages, and then shares the gift of spiritual music by periodically performing at churches, monasteries, and civic organizations. And then, each year on Christmas and Easter, all the choirs from the various orphanages come together for special programs.

Harmony in the Juvenile Prisons...

Boys in the Buzias Juvenile Prison
also benefit from the Harmony ministry

Harmony does not stop with just the orphanages. Consider these boys in the Buzias Juvenile Prison and think of what their future might look like. Fortunately, Harmony is involved and helping in institutions like this one. In fact, Harmony's prison program has had the positive impact of helping to lower the repeat offender rates to such a degree that the prison officials have not only recognized the program's effectiveness, but have also recently asked MLI to expand the ministy by making MLI's Aspirations programs available as well for their juvenile offenders.

You are Invited to Join in Harmony with Doru and the Children!

Join in Harmony with Doru to change the lives of Romanian children

Doru is on his way to putting over 550,000 kilometers for the third time on a van taking music to Romania's children at risk in several institutions...He invites you to join him through your prayers and support. You can help sustain this important ministry by clicking on the Extend a Helping Hand link to see how you can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of Romania's most disenfranchised children.