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MLI Foundation

Partners in ministry since 1992, Alec Woodhull (right) founder and Chairman Emeritus of Missio International (U.S) with ministry partner, Pastor Eugen Groza, President of MLI Foundation (Romania)

Since the Christmas Revolution of 1989, a gifted team of Romanian Christians has served in some of the darkest and most difficult areas of Romania.

Under the name Missio Link International Foundation (MLI), this experienced group of indigenous servants is uniquely equipped for ministry. Today Eugen Groza, Emil Toader, Lorena Rusovan, Ion Costache and Florin Iosub constitute the core of this mission team.

With capable local support staff and enthusiastic international partners, MLI is committed to addressing the material and spiritual needs of the Romanian people through a variety of ministry initiatives. As a name, Missio Link International precisely reflects the calling and convictions of those involved in MLI. Missio is a Latin word used to speak of the "mission of God," that is, Missio Dei. Our Missio Dei is to serve the spiritual and material needs of some of Romania's poorest and most disenfranchised peoples, especially the children at risk.

History and mission of Missio International

Missio International (formerly USAffairs) was founded in 1993 to support and represent MLI Foundation in the U.S.

From its inception, Missio International has enjoyed a distinctly relational ministry. It is evangelical in its mission orientation, and ecumenical in its commitment to work across denominational boundaries with a variety of faith-based individuals, church and para-church interests as well as partnership with foundations and organizations throughout the United States and Romania.

Missio International is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) organization in good standing with local, state, and federal authorities. Donations are tax deductable to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Applying higher standards, Missio International is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Missio International has a 17 year history of transparency, expenditure accountability, and good governance.

The purpose of Missio International is to collaborate with God in his love for the people of Romania. To this end, our primary ministry partner is MLI Foundation. We are a full ministry partner with MLI Foundation for whom we develop servanthood relationships in the USA, assist with financial support, organizational insight, leadership, planning and networking resources, strategy expertise, administrative accountability, and prayer support. Visit the Missio International website ( to learn more about our partnership with MLI Foundation by viewing a video of our ministies in Romania.

Through the oversight of a board of directors and two staff persons, an amazing network of volunteers from around the United States carries out the facilitative ministry of Missio International. A truly grass roots ministry, Missio International volunteers not only offer their time, talents, and resources, but also contribute "in kind" the majority of all materials and costs related to fundraising (including the creation and maintenance of this web site). Having such a network of volunteers allows Missio International to operate efficiently and effectively with only a minimal paid staff:

Children At Risk Community Board of Advisors

Lorena Rusovan Director of Children at Risk Programs, MLI Foundation
Angela Opris Economist, Officer in the Directorate for Public Finances Administration
Dr. Mirona-Ioana Marcu, Ph.D. Psychologist, Assistant Professor at the Timisoara Medical University, Psychiatry Department, Psychologist of the Anti-drug National Agency, co-founder of the Be Yourself Foundation
Dr. Octavian Cretu M.D. Surgeon, Professor at the Timisoara Medical University, General Manager of the Timisoara University Hospital
Dorin Daraban Electrical Engineer, Alcatel - Lucent, CFO, Civic Participation: Rotary Club Timisoara Cetate Past President
Paul Pop Consulting Firm Owner (financial and business consulting and training)
Dr. Alexandru Neagoe, Ph.D. Professor at Timisoara University, Psychology and Sociology Department
Mena Iovescu Economist, General Manager of Timis County Chamber of Commerce

Missio International Board

Mike McKeithen Board Chairman and President
Dr. Frank Murchison Board Secretary
Lois Mitten Rosenberry Board Treasurer
Darlene McKeithen Asst. Secretary
Catherine Franks Board Member
Stephen Franks Board Member
Eugen Groza Board Member
Elizabeth J. Holt Board Member
George E. Holt Board Member
James G. Johnson Board Member
John Moore Board Member
Deborah Normand Board Member
Jeffrey Normand Board Member
Kyle Stallings Board Member
Paul Weaver Board Member
Dr. Kenny Woodhull, Ph.D. Board Member

Ex Officio Members

Alec Woodhull Chairman Emeritus, Co-founder
Pati Woodhull Co-founder

Missio Link International (MLI) Foundation, a Romanian NGO

Eugen Groza
President and Chairman
Leadership and Development Committee Member
Petru Bulica, Ph.D.
Leadership and Development Committee Member
Laurentiu Erbatu
Alpinis Committee Member
Dr. Alexandru Neagoe, Ph.D.
Children at Risk Committee Member
Emanuela Telescu
Alpinis Committee Member
Dr. Elisabeta Vicas, M.D.
Children at Risk Committee Member
Mike McKeithen
Children at Risk Committee Member
Board Chairman, Missio International, U.S.A.
Kenny Woodhull
Alpinis Committee Member
President & Executive Director, Missio International, U.S.A.
David Gall
Leadership and Development Committee Member